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Neels very clearly remembered his old home, Honingkrantz.

Autumn came, and it was time to travel back to South Africa.

Neels and his shenanigans were funny as well as somewhat irksome.

Neels is now a big cat. He weighs about 10 kg.

Neels loved the rich vegetation. And if not, he had free access to the house.
Neels loved the rich vegetation. And if not, he had free access to the house.

Neels first step into German Nature.

Neels adapted well and got many friends who came and played with him.

After passing all the obstacles, writing about 250 e-mails and paying through our noses, we got all the necessary permits.

Unfortunately, Winter approached and we had to leave the country due to the usual Visa issues.
After trying all other options and failing, we decided to take Neels with us to Germany.

Neels bonded well with his human "mother" Jörg and also with the rest of us, drank and later ate like a lion and grew like a weed.

We had to rescue Neels in his 14th day after we found the skin on his throat slit (5 cm) by Nala's canines.
He had to be sewn up and hand-raised futher on.

Alas, Nala did not cope well. She overgroomed Neels, played too rough with him and carried him around, neglecting to use the correct carrying grip.

2014 Nala gets her second litter - one single male kitten.

Kitten Neels, first week.

April 2013 Nala und ihre 4 Jungen Moira, Mor, Monty und der kleine Mick.

Moira nach Spiel und Mahlzeit.

Leptailurus serval kitten 2012: Krato the Bold. He will be Nala's partner

Nala April 2013

Feb. 2012 Young NALA, our new purchase after old Bonnie died.

Mutter Gisette mit Jungen

Gisette, two of her three kittens, sire Arno in the background

Maternal behaviour

Arno vor cut-off

Bonnie blinzelt
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